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    The New Start Journal

    Volume 1, Number 4

    October 2020 

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    The Wholeness of Social Credit Series
    given by Dr Oliver Heydorn Ph. D
    Social Credit Politics


     This is the second of a series of lectures on Social Credit given by Dr Oliver Heydorn in 2014. 

    It is of 45 minutes and deals with the social credit political aspects. 

     Who in Hell Needs Social Credit? … 

    A nine page article which doesn’t really seem to answer the question, but is worth a read nevertheless

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    The Making of the Mongrel Dog 

    If ever we do actually want to seriously rein in our politicians, that is, stop whingeing and really do it, this offers economy in doing it, as well as fun. A couple of A4 pages.

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    If you Want a Say, and also Cry Havoc … 

    More scurrilous Mongrel Dog voting  ideas. About 1 page each

      If You Want A Say   <~>   Cry  Havoc  

    The Nature of Social Credit:-

    These are the third set of three segments of a 14 part animation explaining the nature of Social Credit. 
    Each is of approximately 3 minutes 

    Episodes 9 to 11 

     The Sting In The Tail ... 

    An article from The New Age journal in 1934. The misrepresentation of Social Credit had already begun.

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    The Three Tenors

    The Three Tenors were a popular operatic singing group during the 1990s and early 2000s, consisting of Spaniard Plácido Domingo and José Carreras and Italian, Luciano Pavarotti taken from their London performance in 1996, duration of this clip is 23 minutes, but even time for a little listen is rewarding.

    The full clip goes for 1&1/2 hours

    and can be  seen here


      The Monopoly of Credit …  
    Chapters 5 and 6.

    The Monopoly of Credit:  Probably the most important book written in the 20th Century. Chapters 5 and 6 here.

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    Training Monkeys and Others …

    Are Politicians making monkeys out of us, or are we making our Politians out of monkeys.

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    The Money Game ...

    Money is now the “Key” sanction in directing the human organism.
    The military, the media and the whole modus operandi revolve around “money”.
    This work explores and explains
    what is necessary for an independent and free society for us all. 
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