Professor John Mearsheimer describes himself as belonging to the school of Realistic Philosophers, as opposed to the Liberal one. He points to the most recent polls in Europe which show that only 10% of Europeans believe the Ukraine can win its war with Russia, and that only 12% of Americans believe it. So, what can be the logical rationale for continuing the killing?

He insists that the wars continuance is the product of the policy of the West’s elites. They mistakenly believed that Russia would be easily subdued and cannot now face the folly of their mistaken view. In the New Start Editor’s view there is rather more to it. The monied elites of the USA and Europe have suffered from a rising rush of blood for at least the last 50 years. Being completely dominant there, they believed that if Russia could also be suborned and brought into their financial enmeshment, they could achieve critical mass. 


Critical mass for what? In our view they believed that the absorption of the rest of  the World into their financial hegemony would be unstoppable. Whatever World governance they favoured would then be open to irrestible imposition.

In an address by President Putin in Munich in 1917, he made it clear that Russia would not submit to a unipolar world. To the elites, this was a declaration of war. The last thing thwarting their global suasion was Putin’s Russia and a policy of proxy war using the Ukraine was initiated. It is not really about the Ukraine at all. Its about World hegemony, and Russia is the last piece of the puzzle which refuses to fall into place to render it inevitable.

Although this is not fully spelled out in this video of one hour and twenty minutes, it has brought its understanding much closer and is very valuable.