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For Equity, Security and Personal Freedom

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About Us

Our policy is to make a new start towards economic democracy for equity, security and personal freedom. To define our terms:-

Equity implies an actual ownership of all persons in their respective countries, and their absolute right to a share in all money creations for consumption, without debt, as they are issued.

Security means the rule of law and equality before it. Economic well-being is of course implicit here.

Personal Freedom enshrines the responsible sovereignty of persons in their relationships.

This journal is published as a public service approximately monthly, in not for profit, and aims at attaining a society which is efficient in terms of human satisfaction. A priority objective is therefore the public sovereignty of money. While much will be created and loaned to industry by private banks for the purpose of production, our aim is that all other money creations for the purpose of ensuring sufficient consumer demand in the economy will be distributed without debt or interest and in equal shares to all persons.

Our policy is to make available material conducive to the attainment of economic democracy and to leaven this with culturally important items.

About our Journal; “The New Start”. 

The whole journal will be constituted in one page. Apart from some permanent information it will simply list links to items with an explanation of what they are about and their length.

Its main content will be items advocating Douglas Social Credit ideas. Secondly, it will make available material that Social Credit advocates need to know about, even sometimes criticism from opponents.

Thirdly, cultural and philosophical material will always compose at least 10% of the links.

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