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The New Start Journal

Volume 1, Number 5

November 2020 

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 The Wholeness of Social Credit Series 
given by Dr Oliver Heydorn Ph. D
Social Credit Philosophy

 This is the second of a series of lectures on Social Credit given by Dr Oliver Heydorn in 2014. 

It is 30minutes in duration and deals with the social credit philisophy

The Role of Social Credit in Restoring Classical Conservatism 

Dr Oliver Heydorn's piece on Toryism. Perhaps 10 x A4 pages:   
A thought provoking essay on organic conservatism.

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The Michael Journal

The Michael Journal is unique.
It espouses both Social Credit and traditional Catholicism.
Just like The New Start, in every edition there is something that one wouldn’t want to miss.
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Rossini’s Barber of Seville Overture.

Gioacchino Rossini: Overture to the Opera «Il barbiere di Siviglia» Tonkünstler-Orchester Niederösterreich, orchestra Andrés Orozco-Estrada, conductor Sommernachtsgala (Midsummer Night's Gala) Grafenegg 2012 - 7mins


Johann Strauss:Emperor Waltz Op. 437

 Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra - 12mins

The Nature of Social Credit:- 

These are the fourth set of three segments of a 14 part animation explaining
the nature of Social Credit.   

Each one is approximately 3 minutes duration.

Gertrude Coogan’s “Money Creators  

An incredible account of how the American Revolution was financed.One page. 

A Job Interview

It's only 4 minutes with an ending which will surprise nobody.



Why We’re all Debt Slaves


Economists’ Effluvial Effluxions

    An 8 x A4 page visit to the ridiculous contradictions of well-known prominent Economists.  

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James Tour:
The Mystery of the Origin of Life

James Tour on the Origins of life. He is a genuine scientist who exposes the impossibility of life in the absence of an intelligent creator. Some good belly laughs here.  



I Believe.

A Creed for the Practical Christian.This is a special promotional video created for New Start. Please  "like" it on YouTube and send it to as many others as you possibly can.


The Monopoly of Credit …    
Chapters 7 and 8.
The Monopoly of Credit is p robably the most important book written in the 20th Century. 

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