The light at the end of the tunnel is that even in the UK new Secretary of Health Sajid Javid has said people have to learn to live with Covid as have Singapore’s trade, finance and health ministers.

But don’t get your hopes up. Vaccine rollout chief Lieutenant-General John Frewen says Australians need to ‘become comfortable with the prospect of public health measures being in place for years’. Incredibly, our fundamental freedoms have been abolished because of the threat posed by a virus so deadly that most people don’t even know that they’ve got it, like Jon Rahm who tested positive while beating every other golfer in the world.

Trapped on our island paradise, some days it feels like Lord of the Flies, but mostly it is more like being one of 25 million castaways, with our professors and millionaires, shipwrecked on Gilligan’s — or Morrison’s – Island, with no escape in sight.

Until our politicians rediscover their duty to protect us from the tyranny of the state, it’s not the Delta variant that’s dangerous, it’s our governments.

An interesting take on our current situation from a Holy man.

A key to understanding our current predicament is the extent to which Covid has come to resemble a religion. Covidanity, as I call the new religion, has all the rituals, superstitions, sacraments and shrines of traditional religion, and for many people, Covidanity has given their lives a new source of meaning and purpose. Once you realise this, it is much easier to understand why Covidanity has taken such hold of Australia and why a recent survey showed that 20% of Australians want permanent lockdowns and restrictions to remain in place. Many people simply do not want to give up their new religion, and their faith is unlikely to be shaken by ordinary rational arguments.

The Covid-19 virus is the god of Covidanity. Vengeful and wrathful like an old-testament God, we must fear the virus’ wrath if we ever fail to follow Covidanity scripture. It’s unsurprising to hear the Covidvirus now spoken of in supernatural terms: the “beast”, which spreads at lightning speed and which might infect us without us ever realising.

At daily mass (the press conference), our modern-day priests (premiers) stand before us and speak in hushed tones about this “wicked virus”. Before it, we must all bow down in worship and become good Covid-fearing citizens.