This is not democracy. It is an overlordship of such despotism, such unrecognized power, and such all-pervasive sanctions, as to paint all previous aristocracies as but puny and anemic custodians of social policy. 

The measured addition to money votes in existence in the United States in 2014 was $2.3 trillion. That is, money created in addition to that which existed at the beginning of that year. While this amounted to $7,500 per person or $30,000 per family of four, none at all was given to those who own that country: its citizens.1 Even social security was taken from others via taxation.

Though 98% of this money was not printed, but created in cyberspace and this done costlessly on a keyboard, none was distributed costlessly to its owners as are other ballots.

All was created and its ownership retained in the banking houses chartered to do this. It served as their means of manning the steering wheel of the social organism, and directing it to the means and objectives, policies and values consistent, primarily, with their own self-interest.

As the back-seat passengers in this vehicle of human destiny, what may we do? We can make it plain that we want a destiny of democracy. And not just the little one of political democracy (which is overawed and currently the captive of money and its suborned media) but the big one which is economic democracy too! 

Firstly, we need to make it plain that we want a destination of economic democracy. “We want economic democracy! We want economic democracy!”

Secondly, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

Who are they who command the world’s money creation function, that they will forever give their son a stone?

A detailed exposition of this may be had at  Social Credit . com

*Charles Pinwill is the author of the 100 essay work of 529 pages

 Different Essays  (They’re Certainly Different) available from Amazon in paperback and EBook.