The Pedigree of Money

A Cynical examination 

There is a beginning to all things. Even money is not eternal. It begins somewhere.

Where money comes from is easily explained. It is conceived in iniquity and borne in debt. 

How so? Well money can and does command all that money will buy. In the beginning nobody works for it, or gives up anything else to get it either. It is just created. Created? You mean just like God? Exactly like God! This is why atheists believe that all money grows on trees; they don’t believe in creation.

It is conceived in iniquity because all money results from theft. If you grow a cabbage or weave a basket you own these things. If you create money, you can claim these things without any real thing having been offered in exchange. Your product is your claim upon products, though it is no product at all. Please relax. It can only get worse.

If you want me to explain I will simply not do it. If you have come this far in life and have never wondered who creates all of our money, owns it, rents it out to us at interest, and buys all that money can buy (which of course includes 90% of all media) we can’t help you, I am sorry. You will need to plug your brain in at the wall first.

Most Bankers are pathetic little bean counters and understand piss-all about what the hell they are doing. When they give a loan nobody’s deposit is lessened, but the deposits of the payees of the loans are increased. Moral outrage at this practice has long passed its use-by-date, as it all started in 1694 with the establishment of the Bank of England.

Of course it all revolves around how one conceives of iniquity, or of iniquitous conception. If acquiring the product of another by costlessly creating a claim upon that product is not to you fraudulent, then relax, join a Bank and live with luxuriance. 

So much for the Conceived in Iniquity part of the formula. But what of the Borne in Debt part.

Money is always borne without gender, but it is not necessarily borne without polarity. A number may be positive or negative, be a credit or a debit, a plus or a minus number. Money is now purely digital, its existence being wholly in cyberspace as an enumerated abstraction.

In the beginning the Banks, which create all modern money, created it and loaned it out wholly to finance production. It was all distributed as a debt owing to the Banks by the producers who borrowed it.

This was a necessary discipline in the economy.  If the public was prepared to buy the product for more than the bank loaned to the producer, the debt could then be repaid, and the next cycle of production begin.