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    The New Start Journal

    Vol 2. Issue 1

    February 2021

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    Alexander Solzhenitsyn


    Solzhenitsyn and the Soviet.

    An audio presentation by Stephen Hotkin on the amazing achievements of Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

    Latest on death of the Koran.


    Those interested in the growing challenge to the Moslem story of the birth of Islam will be rewarded here.



    C H Douglas’s
    only audio speech in existence,
    "The Causes of War”.

    Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

    "While Paul Keating probably does not know what Social Credit is, he is advocating something of a move towards it. This presentation is from the New Zealand Social Credit Party."


    Former Aussie Treasurer, Paul Keating, backing Social Credit

    28 September 2020

    by Chris Leitch, Leader

    Former Australian Treasurer, Paul Keating, is backing Social Credit’s call for New Zealand’s central bank to buy government bonds directly from Treasury instead of on the secondary market.
    In a letter to Australian media, he criticised Australian Reserve Bank officials for lacking the courage to break with economic orthodoxy to allow monetary financing of deficit spending, and said they are too concerned about what other central bankers would think if Australia went down that path.
    That’s exactly the same thing Social Credit has been criticising Finance Minister Grant Robertson and NZ’s Reserve Bank over.
    Mr Keating said it would make Federal Government's funding task "much easier and support for the country better" if the Reserve Bank bought whatever level of government debt was necessary and locked it away on its balance sheet.
    "It has to be remembered, these are the high priests of the incremental" Mr Keating commented.
    "Making absolutely certain that not a Bank toe will be put across the line of central bank orthodoxy.”
    "Certainly not buying bonds directly from Treasury — wash your mouth out on that one — what would they say about us at the annual Bank for International Settlements meeting in Basel?”
    By buying government bonds on the secondary market NZ’s Reserve Bank is paying a hefty price to the bankers and pension funds who are selling bonds they bought from the Treasury just a few days earlier.
    The cost to taxpayers of the Reserve Bank buying bonds that way comes to a total of $11.1 billion over the three years.
    That money is going to wealthy investors, depriving hospitals, schools, the homeless and those in poverty of $11.1billion.
    Nurses, doctors, teachers, social workers, emergency housing providers, food banks, and charities supporting hundreds of thousands of Kiwis should be up in arms over that action.
    Taxpayers are footing the bill for this nonsensical money merry-go-round which will see profits for those investors increasing at taxpayers' expense.
    It's time for that stupidly to end and for the artificial arm's length Chinese wall between the government and the Reserve Bank to be pulled down in the same way the Berlin Wall was.
    We challenge Grant Robertson to do that.

    Professor Peter Ridd, a real authority on the Barrier Reef, demolishes alarmist on the state of the reef.


    Professor Behe on irreducible complexity. Genetic change is  via functional destruction.

    Conspiracy is Not to be Admitted Under any Stinking  Circuses

    By Edward Minton *

    If men associate together for anti-social purposes, what are we permitted to call this state of association?

    Clearly we cannot call it a “conspiracy” or we will be dismissed as “conspiracy theorists”.

    Either we must deny that any such associations ever exist or are possible, a proposition which no Court would allow, or another word must be found.

    Perhaps the word “noughtiracy” might suffice; in other words the association has a naughty intent; one which is anti-social. This does not imply that it intends to destroy all human wellbeing or impose a world hegemony, or is motivated by a conscious diabolical pursuit of evil of vast measure, of course, but it allows the possibility of saying that human association with a measure of anti-social intent is sometimes identifiable, though not of course with any allegation of conspiracy being associated with it. Noughtiracy is the much gentler word for those of delicate sensibilities.

    Of course it must be allowed that there are differing degrees and definitions of noughtiracy and the “C” word. Some believe that the “C” thing only exists when people associate together  in secret for anti-social purposes. This places Nazism and Communism outside of any “C” connotation as all was done in the open. Yes it is different in degree and scale, but not in principle to the players on a football field biffing each other in full view of all the spectators. It is a sort of biffing with a capital “B” perhaps, but is not con “C” ing surely.

    Three or more hardened criminals associating secretly together to rob the local store have henceforth been designated as acting in “conspiracy”. This is unfortunate and is the germ from which “conspiracy theory” burgeoned. Let us not speak of it thus; it is merely “covert-noughtiracy” and nothing more.

    Defining “anti-social” can be a bit tricky also. For example how are we to think of men secretly planning and executing the robbery of a bank. Apart from bankruptcies, theft from banks is pretty much the only time that credit is ever issued debt free into society. Those who advocate a national dividend for all when economies are profitable, may disagree with the methodology, but cannot see the result of successful bank robbery as being anti-social in all respects. I suppose it must be said that they are a-bit-of-a-noughtiracy.

    You will have noticed that when we were told that about twenty Afghans organized themselves in a cave to steel planes and bring down the twin towers, that this was not described as a conspiracy theory. If as many terrorists secretly detonated a stolen atomic bomb in New York and killed millions of people and started a world war, this too would not of course constitute a conspiracy; just another group of noughtiracists, though naughtier than most, it is true.

    According to the post-modernist view, “good” and “evil” are simply terms of either vilification, or alternately an attempt to identify and exult a higher moral purpose. Such concepts as these can only emanate from value judgments, and these must be judged as highly suspect in the absence of absolutes which are now in the eyes of many, largely discredited.

    In short, if conspiracy is associating together for evil purposes, it is a proven impossibility now that evil is agreed by a self-appointed coterie, not to exist.

    ·       Poor Edward must be regarded as somewhat challenged by his age these days.  Surely he meant “under any circum stanceses” and not stinking circuses at all.

    The probability of randomly building proteins is examined. Even building one by random processes takes more than all time and space can provide. Intelligent design is needed here.


    An essay on practical Christianity.


    A full employment video. No wonder economists worship pressing everyone into compulsory service in preference to paying any National Dividend. A 4 minute video.


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