The New Start Journal

    Vol 2. Issue 4

    May 2021

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    White Island Volcano eruption on Dec. 9, 2019 - New Zealand

    This is absolutely amazing, and scary.  Read the following instructions below so

    y ou don't miss a thing.
    Can't believe the camera worked 24 seconds 

    after things subsided!

    **At the beginning: Please wait for 24 seconds when nature's roar

    begins and, most importantly, another 24 seconds after the blackout.


    It appears that the video has ended, but it hasn't ….the screen clears

    to reveal the town devastation and the resulting flaming volcano.


    This volcano eruption was filmed by an unmanned camera.

    Keep watching even after the screen goes black.

    The camera continues to transmit. 

    The town had been evacuated, but unfortunately, a tour boat was at the

    island.  The boat is not in the video.

    This extraordinary video, taken automatically from a home-installed

    camera, shows
    New Zealand's White Island volcano eruption 9 Dec 2019,

    where 5 people died.

    The first video is claimed as being a simulated video

    from the auckland museum created a few years earlier. 
    White Island isn’t that close to civilization. It’s a 90 minute boat ride to get to the real island.

    White Island Vocanic Eruption 

    Video Credit goes to -
    Allessandro Kauffmann

    It is indicated that this video is more acurate.