By 2021 the whole world was convinced that the only means of preventing deaths from Covid-19 was multiple vaccinations. We were so obsessive about this that effective treatments for it were not on the media‚Äôs radar. Among the many testaments of treatments is Dr. Shankara Chetty - Successfully Treated 7,000 COVID-19 Patients - 0 Deaths from the South African medico Dr Chetty. His explanation that the inflammatory phase of the viral infection beginning on day eight is, in fact, an allergic reaction due to viral debris, i.e., the spike protein. His recommendation of easily obtainable drugs such as promethazine (phenergan - you can get this antihistamine at any pharmacy in Australia without a prescription) to treat what is essentially pneumonitis would appear to be validated by his track record: Seven thousand patients treated and ... not only no deaths, but no Intensive Care Unit admissions and no hospitalisations.