If You Really Have Had Enough

If you are properly fed up with our politicians, what can you do about it?

Firstly, electing a decent one is an enormous job, and involves organising thousands of people. For now, that has to be put in the too hard basket. So what now?

There is a way in which 10 to 20% of voters can defeat all sitting members. Yes, this small number can easily defeat all sitting members of parliament. How?

Well, while it takes 51% to elect a politician, their winning margins are small. Many have margins of less than 5%, and few have more than 8%. If we put sitting members last, they can’t get any preference votes, and they lose.

If most present politicians lose their seats, what will this do to future ones?

Firstly, they will notice. None will feel safe, and they will at last start to listen. This would bring the biggest “boil over” in political history, and whoever is elected will know it. It will be burned into their brains. They will know at last, that they must change.

But what if the new ones are no good either?

We will try something not very different. We put them all last too, in the next election. We must send politicians to school. If we pull their snouts out of the trough, expel them from the House, and throw them into the street where they will soon be forgotten, eventually budding politicians will get the message.

But why has it come to this?

Because the Politicians, Parties and Media have been training us in bad habits. We have been mesmerised mostly by two large Party groups. We are in the habit of asking ourselves which of these is the worst? Then we vote for the least worst. We always get the worst, but hopefully, we try to get the least worst. We’re given a habit where ‘only the worst will do.’

But what about exceptions?

If your politician has done his best to defend your freedoms and represent you, of course we make an exception. But any exception MUST be based on their record during their term in office, and NOT on their promises made at election time. If you haven’t noticed their exemplary service, put them last.

Will this solve everything?

Of course not. It will take time for the politicians to learn. One brutal non-violent lesson may not always be enough. What we have to do is give them as many lessons as it takes, but something tells me it won’t be many.
The simple principle from which we need to start is “Put Every Sitting Member Last”.    

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