Professor Dilley walks you through various recurring climate cycles and investigates how atmospheric carbon dioxide measurements are actually misleading and not accurate.  New research presented within the video demonstrates why atmospheric carbon dioxide is vastly under reported in ice core samples during the past half million years - and why current instrument readings use many incorrect assumptions in determining Natural Vs. Fossil levels in the atmosphere.

The first 12 minutes of the video walks you through the earth's various climate cycles occurring approximately every 120,000-years, 11 thousand years and 230-years.  It is interesting that the beginning of global cooling cycles recurs approximately every 230-years and the last global cooling cycle began around the year 1794.  If you add 230 to 1784 you come out with the date 2024.  Also interesting is that the Antarctic had their coldest winter on recorded in the year 2021 and the Arctic had the coldest spring and summer on recorded in 2022.

The second portion of the video dissects how atmospheric carbon dioxide is measured - the misleading under reporting the atmospheric levels - new research evidence that startlingly suggests that the rise in carbon dioxide since 1850 is 80% Natural - Not 100% human activity and burning of fossil fuels as reported by NOAA and the IPCC.

Professor David Dilley is the Senior Research Scientist for , and a former NOAA Meteorologist.