Covert Conquests and Unconscious Captives?

By Charles Pinwill

In our imagery of conquered nations with subjugated peoples there are armed soldiers at the end of each street, and foreign officials demanding our identification and giving curt orders. Every effort is made by the conquerors to make their dominion obvious and reinforce intimidation.

But is it possible that either now, or at some point in the future, that there might be an elite choosing to impose their will upon the human organism, who disavows that they are doing so as the key to disabling a reaction against them.

Is it possible to answer the question asked in the title in the affirmative, if all is kept undiscussed and no one is conscious of these states existing? It looks like a difficult proposition; exposing a secret of which no one is conscious.

The best method of discovering what we don’t know is often just asking questions, the Socratic method. In this instance, no one is deemed to know the answers, so we will just have to give them ourselves. If we can start in the right place and proceed in the right order, the questions themselves may presuppose the answers.

A distinguishing thing about humans is that, beyond the habits of any other creatures, we make use of an enormous multiplicity of tools. Why tools? Because tools confer sanctions, and sanctions are those things which enable a result to be attained. A hammer is a sanction and is alone in enabling a human hand to drive a nail. Nothing else in a box of hand tools will do it.

As this essay is concerned to discover the means of conquest and captivity, what are the sanctions whereby this may become available to those who possess them? Weapons offer threats and will confer dominion, but these are only of use as overt means. If a bully doesn’t expose his threat to the bullied, it is on no effect. A donkey may have his behaviour changed by the threat of being beaten with sticks, but carrots are an alternative.

Inducement changes behaviour, and usually, largely without resistance or resentment. We will likely conform our actions to the will of another if we thereby gain enough money to substantially enable us to conform the will of others to ourselves.

People mostly volunteer to subject themselves to the will of others for money, though compliance through threat is unhappily given. 

So if covert conquests and unconscious captivities exist it is most probable that dominion through the agency of money, will be found to be offering the enabling sanction. Once we come to considering money there are more questions which arise. The first is always “Where does it come from?”
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Most think that it comes from “the other fellow”, and they in turn ascribe its source to “another fellow”. Alas, only the much diminished (and now extinct) breed of counterfeiters originated money so of course, it arises elsewhere.

Through the total public neglect of the question, most have the impression that Governments create our money. They don’t. Only 2% of existent money is created by the mint, and this all in the form of notes and coins. 98% of money is in the form of bank deposits and they are created otherwise and in the main, without any government participation.

Since men’s efforts in their employment constitute most of their public service and are recompensed in money, and many of their opinions are inculcated by media organisations which have been bought and paid for with money, a knowledge of who creates our money, how they do it, who they are, and what influence they exert in a democracy would seem to be germane and critically important to any informed democratic public. 

When did you last see an article in a major media explaining the above? Have you ever seen anything about it in the major media?

If money rather than guns now governs the world, how does one explain its nonexistence as an open, fully understood, widely discussed, and commonly contemplated subject in public discussion and affairs? Might the near monopoly of the media in the United States where 98% of that nation’s media is owned by just six companies be relevant here? Since sane and rational men may be expected to act in their own self-interest, might we speculate that they prefer silence in the public arena on this matter? I expect that we must.

Since almost all money is now created in cyberspace through the actions of a banking system issuing new loans which cause bank deposits to happen, might its governing elite regard public scrutiny with disfavour? It certainly seems so. And is there another explanation for this other than that the ultimate sanction of modern governance, money, is closely held and resists transparency? Other suggestions are difficult to discover.

If we can proceed with what now seems to be probable, where does this lead? If we can assume that the world’s banking elites are like other men, what they most readily want from their activities, is more. What men on wages and salaries naturally want is more, those with sporting success want more, and those with a measure of fame also want more. What is more like for a coterie of elites who create the world’s money, direct its distribution, and exult in its influence?

If everything that money can buy, the major media, the direction of industry through preferential funding, influence through patronage over higher education, and the suborning of government through these influences is in hand, where does more lie?

This is where the thing can only get nasty.
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The influence of money creation left local communities when the money creation by gold smiths grew and evolved into a national banking system with interdependent banking houses. Once national banking houses cooperated with each other across borders, they took on an international character. Where could their highest aspirations now direct them?

In a world in which “onwards and upwards” ascribes the ascendent meaning of life, where now? The Unipolar World was now the only beckoning finger.

This proposition is of a wholly different order.

It might only be had by defeating the tribal instincts of people who wish to preserve their national identities. A dominating fear, a hopeless despair, or a mindless “Isn’t everybody just lovely” are probably the only herd-thinks that can enable this.

The idea that all new money creations should be issued debt free to us all equally as a national dividend, will have to patiently wait in the wings intrusted to a small minority until this great global ambition has crashed in a world of chaos.

Meanwhile, the efforts at global hegemony will become more transparent, and almost certainly, more numerous too.

Global dominion will not prove to be doable until ordinary people are disempowered. Imposing this is beyond any global elite, however intelligent and empowered. Our not-so-secret weapon is most likely that we are stupid and unruly. Controlling the likes of these will demand overt suppression and this attracts attention.

Before we look at the policy for a Unipolar World, perhaps we might give its advocates and initiators a name. In Malachi Martin’s tome, The Keys to This Blood, he divulges an analysis of the primary three contenders vying for the direction of the world. The Soviet Union, at that time still existent, was called the Red Internationale. The Church they nominated as the Black Internationale after the cloth colour of the clergy. The force which drew its power from finance was the Golden Internationale.

This analysis was the work of Cardinal Wyszynski, the Primate of Poland, and his protégé the later Pope John-Paul II. For the want of another moniker, it is adopted here. It consists of eminent banking houses, predominantly in the West, and their associated international and intranational organisations, industrial complexes and controlled media organisations and educational entities. A consortium of interrelated interdependent and loosely associated organisations which have no specifically identified “head”, but which nevertheless act in unison in pursuit of their self-interest.

This Internationale, powered by the privilege of creating national moneys has enormous sanctions and reach into national affairs and policy. It prefers anonymity to delimit scrutiny. It cannot be said to conspire, but it decidedly acts in its own self-interest, call this whatever you will.

Having named and identified it, it is time to look at its activity.
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The fall of the Soviet Union was a momentous and hopeful development. Two options for response existed. One was to embrace Russia and the other now disparate nations which constituted it with friendship. Help to become sovereign responsible nations contributing their input to a free and democratic multipolar world was, from the point of view of the world’s people of good will, the great opportunity of the century. It was not taken.

Russia was abandoned to the chaos of a difficult reorganisation.

The Golden Internationale chose rather to finance sundry oligarchs to acquire Russian assets, its steel, aluminium, gas and oil assets etc. at fire sale prices. Why?

The vision of the Golden Internationale was that once Russia had been enmeshed and entangled in a financial morass it would slide into a subservience as had most Western nations. The road to a unipolar world would then be decidedly open and secured. Here was an ominous time.

I will not say that this was interrupted by one man, but one man with the conscious support of his peers who could see the obvious, intervened. The looted assets were seized, the oligarchs were dispossessed and either deported or imprisoned. Furthermore, in 2017 Russia’s President Putin made a speech in Munich in front of the Western functionaries of the Golden Internationale, executives of the United States Presidential administration amongst them, in which he made it patently clear that Russia would not acquiesce in a Unipolar World.

In the face of this rebuff a regime change in Russia became the objective. As provocations the agreement which NATO had made not to employ their forces on Russia’s borders was broken, and the CIA materially assisted in expelling the pro-Russian president of Ukraine and installing Zelensky without an election, even though at the time he could not even speak Ukrainian. Zelensky initiated a policy of persecuting the Ukraine’s Russian speakers and then the Western media vilified Putin and advocated for the Ukraine joining NATO.

Reacting as had America to the provocation of nuclear weapons being installed in Cuba, Russia was then reduced to a military response. The Western subservience to the Golden Internationale’s policies brought on the Ukrainian war.

As of March 2023, the Ukrainian army is decimated, and Russia awaits the drying of the seasonal mud to effect victory. Employing 300,000 American troops to join the war is now muted. Even this will not win the war, but escalation will be advanced if this is done, perhaps beyond recall. No Western peoples wanted the Ukrainian war, but as unconscious captives we were not consulted.

Another tentacle of the Golden Internationale’s reach for hegemony has come with climate change. What is the truth about CO2?

Yes, the science is, as they say, settled. The heat escaping earth back into space as infrared radiation ranges in micron lengths from 0.6 to 20. Only radiation in the vicinity of 4.1 or 15.5 microns is able to be intercepted by CO2. Only 18% of the total heat leaving earth falls in these ranges. Of this 18%, 70% is already intercepted by water vapour leaving just 5%. Of the 5% remaining, CO2 is already intercepting 3%. Only 2% of escaping heat is therefor available to any increase in CO2.
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I hate having to say this, but the functioning of CO2 in intercepting infrared radiation is logarithmic. This means that if at 400 parts per million CO2 intercepts 3% of escaping heat, at an increase of 50% to 600 ppm it will not catch 4 ½% or 50% more. The best layman’s explanation I have seen to explain this logarithmic thing goes as follows:

Imagine a conveyor belt with jellybeans traveling along it. Install a child who only consumes black jellybeans, and he will collect many. If another child is added he will find less than the first. The more children are added the less effective each is at finding the black ones. So it is with CO2 and capturing heat. As we add ppm above 400, each will be less effective than the preceding ones, so that even capturing all the remaining 2% available becomes impossible at any increase of CO2.

So, if this is the science, and it is, why is the media continually frightening us with global warming? Because they can, and moreover, they have an agenda. The only “more” offering to those with pretty much everything, in increased control. Once our paranoia is sufficient the suggestion is already being made that “carbon quotas’ be issued to us. Once we have used up our quota by air travel or household electricity we will be immobilised. This is a people control.

As energy is by far the greatest single component of the human economy, it all becomes open to change, regulation, speculation and exploitation with a major change like eliminating carbon emissions. This controls industry.

The Church is hardly thought of as a serious contender for global control in the now post-Christian world. However, its denigration is still a priority with the Golden Internationale. It installs “woke folk” in its controlled media everywhere and gives free reign to same sex marriages, transgenderism, evolution, homosexuality, atheism, scandal amongst the Clergy and every issue which undermines the Church’s doctrine or authority.

Since they believe a Unipolar World is in their interests and would enhance their ability to do good, it must be in everyone’s interests, even those who contend otherwise. Whenever you meet a person who wonders why the world has gone woke, you are in the presence of an unconscious captive who doesn’t understand that centuries have been invested into monopolising national money creation and endowing it with the power to direct the development of the human organism.

Few will now wish to believe that the war in the Ukraine, woke ideas on television, pandemic lockdowns, phoney science on climate, or that inflation and interest rates are the dictates of a covert conqueror manipulating an unwary public. Given the present control of the media, people will only wake up to what is happening one at a time.

If each person who comes to understand that the real governance of the world is via the elites who dominate the creation and ownership of money creations, and can convince just one other person of this, the knowledge will grow exponentially. The prospect of having all new money creations shared equally with the payment of a national dividend to all, rather than forever increasing our national debt, will allow economic democracy to join political democracy. Democracy will at last, and for the first time, stand on its own two legs.
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Conquests and Captives; Being Blunt About it!

To my very great surprise a number of people have asked me what this essay is really about, what does it mean, what is its point, and why have you thought it all so important as to write about it? It seems that a small sharp instrument is not sufficiently penetrating with some, and apparently a mighty cudgel, a sledge hammer as it were, may be needed to bludgeon the mind awake. We must resort it seems, to the brutal truth without nicety. I will try.

The American people, while they see themselves as living in the land of the free, are abject slaves who have been fully bought and totally paid for. All the US dollars which exist in the world were created by a private elite who only rent out this money, permanently retain the ownership of it, and demands the subservience of the media, government and public education and dictates the repertoire of public discussion.

The US Congress has the constitutional right to create money, but in effect, they don’t do it. They create some notes and coins which amount to about 2% of the money supply. The 98% of US dollars are created by the banking system, ostensibly headed by the  Federal Reserve Bank. The “Fed” is not publicly owned. It is privately owned by the ten Regional Reserve Banks. The ownership of these Regional Reserve Banks has never been divulged. No legislators have pressed the issue for transparency because public ignominy is the preserve of the Golden Internationale to bestow upon whosoever they will, and few have even any sufficient means to cry out for public support.

This situation is not unique to Americans. Indeed, the means of their covert conquest and subconscious captivity was fashioned elsewhere. In its immediately preceding generation it was English, with the Bank of England from 1694 onwards at the centre of associated private banks, and playing the lead role.

The Golden Internationale has funded the ownership and control of industry through such consortiums as Blackrock and Vanguard, bought all the large media which matters, and has prostituted higher education through their chronic need for funding. Government itself is assailed by “public” opinion, diversion into the unimportant, and silence where exposure and transparency is critical.

A number of issues are imperative. One is a National Accounting System to enable us to know that we are profitable, and the rightful owners of our own profit, but listing them is of no use unless we know where to start.

The very first thing is to stop listening to the lullaby which is singing us to a social death. Yes, we are unconscious captives and until we will grasp this nettle, admit our subjection and resolve to face the truth, there can be no truth which can empower us, and none to set us free.

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