The Professional Whingers and Cadgers have lost their Voice.

In spite of the Voice being heavily smacked down it was a close-run thing. We faced being continually badgered for the next few hundred years with complaint and demand enshrined in the constitution.  To the professional whingers of the “Aboriginal Industry” reconciliation would cancel their function, so complaint must be continual with them. A perfect formula for poisoning race relations which the smartest of Aboriginal leadership saw straight through. Well done.

Few can know the real pedigree of the Voice. Joseph Stalin formulated the initial ideas and wrote them in his "Marxism and the National Question". This put forward that where class animosity is insufficient to enable revolution to be made, racial disharmony and conflict may serve as a substitute. In the United States support for the establishment of “black states” was advocated, but in Australia it mostly took the form of “land rights”. For those few who understand this, the Voice was not a means of diminishing racial tension but one of enflaming them. After some decades of continual incessant and unfair accusation the most forbearing would be emotionally provoked.

As ever, the temptation to condescend to Aboriginies was initially presented as a yes motive, but the warm inner glow it offered was always awry, and it didn’t last.

Canberra was the only place in Australia which didn’t understand it. Perhaps we really should have left it as a sheep paddock.

Joseph V. Stalin  Click Link Below

"Marxism and the National Question"

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