Tucker Carlson Talks To Colonel Douglas Macgregor About The Ukraine War

The ineptitude and corruption of US policy and practice is now chronic and one of the few who can see and explain it is Col. Douglas MacGregor. The tragedy and futility of the Ukrainian war is now unarguable. Is the US “deep swamp”, the “leadership” of the West, now so morally bankrupt that the best option is to allow common-sense policy to emanate from elsewhere,
We may have arrived at unthinkable scenarios here.
The obsessive dominion of “money hegemony” had to come, of course, but like the death of a parent, however anticipated, it always comes with deep shock. It reminds me of words spoken at the onset of an historic battle “We few, we band of brothers, …” and the reputed motto of the Druids, “The Truth against the World”.
Our only tool of promotion is we few; please use New Start as your “best bash” against the world.