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We Rabbits

A thought provoking essay by Charles Pinwill audio book Different essays. 

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Electric cars can't handle extreme heat and cold.
Another popularised myth hits the end of the chain. Apart from EV’s spontaneously bursting into flame rather too often, it now emerges that they are difficult to charge in either hot or cold weather. Sales are well down and rental companies are abandoning them. The joys of conforming to media induced fashions to impress one’s peers are waning.

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How Much Energy Will The World Need?

Are we heading toward an all-renewable energy future, spear-headed by wind and solar? Or are those energy sources wholly inadequate for the task?

Mark Mills, Senior Fellow at the Man-hattan Institute and author of The Cloud Revolution, compares the energy dream to the energy reality. 

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Feel like a laugh, thanks to those subcribers who put forth suggestions.

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The Nature of Social Credit
An Animated Series
Episode #5 The Causes of the Gap length Length: 03:59

In this video we we look at the main cause(s) behind the underlying price-income gap.

Episode #6: Conventional Methods of Dealing with the Gap length
Length: 03:42
In this video we examine how the current economic system attempts to fill the price-income gap.
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Allan Watts on Money

Allan Watts has to be seen as a positive influence in challenging us to think more clearly about money.

Nevertheless in his opening remarks, for instance, he could do with rather more clarity himself.. He opens by telling us that we all need money, and then says that we all need it because we have all agreed that we need it. There is nonsense here!

Best watch the short video first and then read the article.

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A National Dividend For All!
Dr Sonya Marshall interviews Charles Pinwill on how and why a national dividend for all, is the way mankind can climb out of the economic trap of a debt driven economy!   39:13

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Naivety about Gaza.
Moralising without practical measures is always moribund nonsense. 

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The Final Jewish Revolt.
While most Westerners and Bible students think of the Great Jewish revolt as concluding in the year 70 AD, this was not as it was. Although the Temple was completely destroyed, and according to Josephus, more than one million Jews were killed and 500,000 taken into captivity, their confidence of prevailing continued.
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Length: 1:24

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A Casualty of Conflict
By Charles Pinwill, January, 2024.
While the abandonment of verity at the onset of violence is a given, it has now found, thanks to technology, a new and increased medium of expression. A few children with technological  skills, recently produced a convincing video of a US aircraft-carrier being bombed and sunk by drones. While totally fallacious, it was sufficient to convince all to whom seeing was believing of its veracity.
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How Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves
Whitney Webb is a brilliant thirty-year-old researcher and author who has published at least 1,000 densely argued pages on corruption as it now exists. She is here interviewed for 1 hour and 23 minutes which is wide ranging over its various forms. It’s a very powerful interview and well worth the investment of time. 
Length: 1:23;48

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Itzhak Perlman plays Schubert's serenade accompanied by Rohan de Silva on the piano. 

The Most Beautiful "Ave Maria" I've ever heard (with translated lyrics / english subtitles

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