If you want a say, stop voting for Politicians .
Only voting against them is effective.

The beauty of the Mongrel Dog voting system, is that you can pretty much vote for whoever you wish, and still get the biggest result possible.

If you want to vote for Boofheaded Bill, Negative Nick, the Passionate Pauline, the Mutant Malcolm, Bushranger Bob or some other (hell, there are enough to choose from), please get on with it, and the very best to you.

Mongrel Dogs don’t give a dam who you vote for, it is your choice and we wish you all the best. All we are asking for is that you don’t vote for anyone who actually is a Politician.

We will actually make an exception here too. If they can convince you that they will really vote to give us a say with a Voters’ Veto mechanism, OK they might be given a chance. But beware, before hundreds of them have been knocked “ass over head” they are probably not going to be convinced that we are serious. If in doubt, kick them into oblivion, and then let them reconsider at their leisure.

Sure, it is brutal, but it does not spill blood. All it punishes is the Politicians’ pride, and in my religion that is not sacred.

“Put all sitting Politicians last” is the final and last revolt in defence of Australia. If we don’t kick them in the guts they will not understand. They need us to show them how it is.

Put every sitting member last!

Remember it takes 50% of us to elect a Politician. Just 10% of their Voters committed to putting Sitting Members last will defeat them all.

Remember also, that the politicians that we like the best, are the most important ones to defeat. History shows that the first rule in training donkeys is to start by smacking them down the face with a lump of 3 x 2. Only after that, do they pay attention.*

And Ask Yourself   Is there another way that we will ever get Voters’ Veto?

* This was practiced in breaking in donkeys in Egypt in World War I, and is known to work with great effect by all donkey breakers.

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