A Casualty of Conflict

By Charles Pinwill, January, 2024.


While the abandonment of verity at the onset of violence is a given, it has now found, thanks to technology, a new and increased medium of expression. A few children with technological  skills, recently produced a convincing video of a US aircraft-carrier being bombed and sunk by drones. While totally fallacious, it was sufficient to convince all to whom seeing was believing of its veracity.

While the reporting of the war in Gaza is extensive, and the casualties of Palestinians seems  approximate, Israeli casualties are absent, though they are most  relevant to  the war’s continuance.

While Israel asserts its intent to continue in its policy and practice of demolishing Gaza, the means of its doing so is not sufficiently addressed. They can certainly demolish every building in the place, but taking out the opposing fighters one by one in and amongst the rubble is a problem of another order, and thus far, has been left undone.

Israel is totally dependent upon its support from the United States, both militarily and otherwise, to prosecute its policy. American governments, on the other hand, are totally dependent upon the Zionist lobby in America to maintain themselves. Zionist influence in the media, finance, politics and government has long been bought and paid for. The American people play no part whatever in American/Israeli policy as they understand nothing, as one of their former Presidents has said, unless it has been on television, American’s comprehend nothing.

The genocide continues unabated.

In the whole history of the Phillistine/Palestinian conflict with the Judean/Israeli opponents, there appears to be a constant and enduring sentiment common to both sides these last few thousand years. The failure of each to liquidate and obliterate the other, is attributed to their insufficient hatred and applied malice to their opponent. If we were just a little more malicious or effective the other would have long been extinguished. So what to do? Apply our ill will with greater resolve!

Quite a while ago, a gentleman who lived in their approximate vicinity, made another suggestion

“Love your enemies, bless them that curse you,  do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you, and persecute you.”  This comes from St Matthew in his 5th Chapter, verse 44..

For 2,000 years this has been outside of any consideration from any quarter. If what we are doing, or have been doing has not been sufficient, this can only have resulted from its inadequacy. More angst, anger and violence is the one way. We must do it with greater resolve!  This is so obvious that for 2,000 years it has endured until the Gasa conflict of today.

The one thing absent from the equation has been this short advise from Christ, whilst a sufficiently applied tenacious application of violence, applied from either side, is wholly thought to be  the cause of the inconclusive  result.

Could it really be that trying some, even limited love for ones’ adversary, might deliver a result? The adverse of this over 2,000 years, is not encouraging, but is persisted in tenaciously.

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